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Alejandro S.

Alejandro was born in the city Valencia, Venezuela and started to play Violin and Viola at Conservatory of Music Carabobo in 2010, During his musical training, he performed in several chamber ensembles and orchestras.

Alejandro was a violinist and violist in the youth orchestra of the Carabobo Music Conservatory, and the Carabobo Symphony Orchestra under baton Jose Calabrese, thus developing different kind of musical works, both classical and cultural.

Alejandro is currently receiving Violin Classes by hand of Mr. Eddy Marcano (Concertmaster Violinist and Ex Director of Orquesta Sinfónica de Venezuela), and perform in theaters and schools as part of the string orchestra at In Tempo Dance Symphonic Ballet.

Alejandro also teaches at Cy-Fair Music and Arts.

Alejandro S.