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Learning a new musical instrument like the guitar can be thrilling, fun, and challenging all at once. To master it fully, you need to be dedicated and consistent with your lessons and practice. One of the easy ways to enhance your beginner's skills is to learn to play easy rock songs on guitar. This will help you sharpen your skills, learn new techniques and increase your confidence. In addition, the knowledge gained from playing these easy songs can then be used to play more complicated songs. 

If you're looking to get started on guitar and want to play some easy rock songs, continue reading to learn more. However, before we dive into the details of these easy rock songs, let's take a look at what you need to have in place for your easy rock songs guitar training


Things You Need For Guitar Training


  • Electric guitar

Rock music usually gives the chunky, distorted tune that you might not get with an acoustic guitar. For this reason, since you're learning rock songs, it'll be nice to get it right from the basics by learning with an electric guitar. With an electric guitar, you can play any sound from rock to country and more. However, if you're not up for investing in or renting an electric guitar, you can still learn with an acoustic guitar.

  • Amplifier

If you're learning with an electric guitar, you'll need an amplifier with a distortion pedal or settings. An amplifier will help you get the original tonality and full volume of what you're playing on the electric guitar. Nevertheless, if you don't have an amplifier, you can learn without one. 

  • Metronome

A metronome will help you learn how to play accurately timed rhythm. It'll help you monitor the time, patterns, and subdivisions. When you practice consistently with a metronome, you're on the right path to becoming a professional guitarist.


Easy Rock Covers To Get You Started On Guitar


Now that you have the instrument and devices needed, learning these easy rock songs will yield a positive outcome. Here are some of the top-rated easy rock covers to learn on guitar.


Creep by Radiohead


Creep is one of the historical best-selling rock music done by the iconic Radiohead band. It is an easy song to pick up on guitar, and it's an awesome tune for beginners. Whether you're playing acoustic or electric guitar, this song will be a blast to learn. It would also work well with bass and drums as well as piano and ukulele.

The chords are simple: G major, E minor, A minor (or A major), B7 (or G7), C#m (or D#m). You could switch out the C#m for another chord like C or F if you prefer. The lyrics are short enough that it doesn't matter too much what key you sing them in; however, I suggest sticking with a lower key since the chorus shifts from G major to E minor so quickly.


Brain Stew by Green Day


Brain stew is a super catchy song that can introduce a beginner to the power chords. The power chords are chords that don't include notes, and they give hollow and big sounds. The basic chords are the common chords you've started learning as a beginner. The basic chords give a defining note which indicates a major or minor sound. The power chords are the foundation of any rock song, and the Brain stew will help you learn them easily. 

To play this song, start by tuning the string of your guitar a half step, place your index finger on the first string, and then play it on the 5th fret, move to the 3rd fret, 2nd fret, 1st fret, and play it open without your index finger on any fret. The intro chords are G#5, F#5, F5, E5, and D#5


Song 2 by Blur


Song 2 is a powerful, smashing song that topped the chart in 1997. It's a perfect song for beginners to learn power chords. To play Song 2, it'll sound nicer to play the two notes power chord, and your tuning should be D# - G# - C# - F# - A# - D#. The chords used are 

F#m  ~ 2-4-4-2-2-2

E   ~ 0-2-2-1-0-0

A   ~ 5-7-7-6-5-5

Bm  ~ 7-9-9-7-7-7

C#m ~ 9-11-11-9-9-9

D   ~ 10-12-12-11-10-10

Playing Song 2 takes about 2 minutes, and it doesn't necessarily require complicated solos or riffs.


The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson


This song is from Michael Jackson's 1987 album Bad, and it's a great choice for beginners. The chords are all quite simple and easy to play, plus the melody isn't too challenging either. The song was written by Jackson and Teddy Riley, who also produced it. It's about being in love with someone and thinking about them constantly. 

As far as keys go, E minor is the most common key for guitarists to use when they want to cover this tune on their instruments (you'll find that many other famous songs use this key too). If you're not sure what notes belong where or if your instrument doesn't have a capo, it might be simpler just start off in C major instead (which has no sharps or flats).


I Love Rock 'n' Roll by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts 


I Love Rock 'n' Roll is a song written by Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna. It was originally recorded by Arrows in 1977, with production by Andy Johns, who also produced some of Led Zeppelin's recordings. The Blackhearts released their version of the song as a single in 1982 on Boardwalk Records. 

It has since been covered by many artists, including Joan Jett & the Blackhearts themselves (in 1993 for their album Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth), Avril Lavigne (2004), Kelly Clarkson (her 2004 debut album Thankful), and Bowling for Soup (their 2006 album Drunk Enough To Dance). Don't feel intimidated to join the numerous people who have played the cover of this huge rock anthem. I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll is quite easy to play and you can enjoy playing it with a full band. It works on three chords; the E, A, and B power chords.

These easy rock songs will get you playing and singing in no time. They are great for beginners because they only use a few chords, nothing too complicated. It'll also be great if you want to add some flair and personality to your playing by singing along with them.

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