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Moreover, our voice is unique to each of us. Amazingly, there is not even one other person on this earth who has the same voice as you do! That’s one of the things that makes singing really special and very different from playing any other instrument.

Much like the family of orchestral strings, the voice comes in four distinct vocal ranges. From high to low, these are soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Bass and tenor are usually male ranges, while women normally sing alto and soprano parts. However, using proper vocal techniques (falsetto), some men can sing in alto and soprano range, while some female low altos may be able to perform tenor parts. 

Singing is a wonderful musical activity. You can sing by yourself, with or without being accompanied by another instrument such as the guitar or piano. Or you can sing together with others–in vocal duos, trios, quartets, bands, or choirs! The sky is the limit when it comes to singing.

Most of us started singing earlier in life than we can actually remember. That’s why most children and adults have some natural ability to sing tunes. When listening to our favorite artists, many of us softly (or not so softly!) join in, singing our favorite parts of the song along with the artist.  

But developing our voices to their full potential requires specialized vocal training by an instructor. A qualified voice teacher can get you there quickly, teaching you the right techniques and shortcuts, while also making sure that you won’t injure your voice in the process. We also offer RCM certificate program for voice lessons that we offers.

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