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The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program

We’re pleased to offer our Music Lessons Students the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Royal Conservatory Certificate Program. This program is an optional add-on to music lessons. It is not required in order to sign up for music lessons with us.

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What is this Program?

Designed by the renowned Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto (Canada), the RCM Certificate Program is based on a systematic course of study that leads from beginner to professional levels. It is available for most instruments. In many countries around the world, this program is the gold standard for achieving musical literacy. Moreover, some school systems honor successful completion of certain RCM examinations as credit toward high school graduation.

What will I learn if I pursue the RCM Certificate Program?

In addition to the systematic, graded curriculum of musical repertoire, students build their skills across the following areas of study:

  • Music Performance
  • Technique
  • Sight reading
  • Ear Training and Musicianship
  • Music Theory
  • Music History

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Examinations from RCM-Accredited Professionals

RCM Certificate Students can track their progress in these areas by undergoing regular individual evaluations by visiting RCM-accredited examiners. 

Celebrating Student Achievements

Celebrating Student Achievements is a very important part of the RCM Certificate program. A variety of awards and distinctions are offered. Among these:

  • A Certificate of Achievement can be earned at each level of study by successfully completing all the requirements for that level.
  • The ARCT Diploma is recognized internationally and is one of the highest academic credentials awarded by The Royal Conservatory.

All examination candidates are eligible to receive Gold Medal awards from The Royal Conservatory. These awards are based on examination results.

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Whom is the Royal Conservatory Certificate for?

Ambitious Music Lesson Students!

We call the Royal Conservatory Certificate our “Professional Track” for Music Lesson Students. It’s not that this program necessarily leads to a professional career in music (though it certainly could!). But since it offers a fairly rigorous approach to the study of an instrument (or singing), the RCM Certificate requires more time and focus than many students are willing to dedicate to their lessons on voice, guitar, bass, drum, violin, viola, cello, and piano lessons in Katy, TX. Students and parents who have the extra drive and motivation LOVE the RCM Certificate.

Students who want to go into greater depth

If your music lessons are piquing your curiosity to learn more about the language of music–music theory–and the history of music, the RMC Certificate will be a great fit especially at the more advanced levels.

Competitive Students (and parents) who want to know how they compare with their peers nationally and around the globe

Some parents and students wonder how to evaluate objectively how much progress is made in their lessons. Related to that is the question as to what they can expect to achieve musically within a certain time frame. The RCM Certificate Program will be very helpful in that regard as it offers clear guidelines and students have the opportunity to receive feedback on their progress from visiting examiners.

Students who need more Structure in their Music Lessons

Some students (and teachers) work well in a flexible environment where the course of study doesn’t follow any particular, predetermined order or schedule. Ideal candidates for the RCM Certificate Program are those students who crave more structure, a systematic curriculum, and clearly defined milestones and timelines.

Instruments available for the RCM at MAT:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Voice/Singing
  • Violin/Viola

Lesson Availability is limited.

Recommended Duration of Weekly Lessons: 60 Minutes


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