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Guitar Sizes

The main guitar sizes are known as ¼ (quarter size), ½ (half), ¾ (three quarter), and 4/4 (full size). Getting the right guitar size is especially important for younger students. As a rule of thumb, students up through 5 years of age may need a quarter-size guitar, whereas ½ and ¾ guitars are more appropriate for older children. Most adults require a full size guitar, though women with smaller hands (as well as some teenagers) may prefer a ⅞ size guitar. 

Please talk to your guitar instructor to determine which size is right for you or your child.

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Guitar Types

Depending on instrument materials, shapes, and tone production, there is an exciting variety of guitar types to suit your musical tastes and preferences! They each produce a different, characteristic guitar sound. Your choices range from nylon string guitar (a great choice for beginners), acoustic guitar (with steel strings), electric guitar (with amplification and endless electronic “distortions”) to jazz guitar (archtop), among other types and variations. 

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