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Enrique H.

Always looking for adventure, Enrique traveled south to Michoacán in 2007 to start his Music Studies at Las Rosas Conservatory, under the care of Eva Pleskova, as Classical Guitarist. It was around this period when he started to develop a love of performing in music ensembles, touring around the state with Chamber Orchestra of San Nicolas de Hidalgo University as Soloist.

While in college, Enrique had the fortune of receiving music instruction with several artists from Mexico and other countries. He earned his Bachelor Degree from JazzUV (Centro de estudios de Jazz), in the state of Veracruz.

After graduating from college, he assumed a position as guitar player in the Xalli Big Band, directed by Raul Gutierrez. After that, Enrique would be part of two more orchestras, and began to start writing musical arrangements.

Back in the States, Enrique focused on collaborating in several shelters around the South Texan border. After one year, he was in front of a large group of co-workers fully engaged in recreational activities to promote children’s holistic development. As parent, Quique is always looking for something fun to do with his 3 kids, wife and a three-legged dog named Creta.

As an instructor, Quique’s goal is to ensure that his students are learning the skill sets they need to accomplish their goals fully.

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Enrique H.