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Online Lessons and Classes at MAT

At a time that requires "social distancing," online education provides an exciting and 100% safe alternative to traditional face-to-face instruction. All our programs, from private lessons to group classes, are now available in a fully online format.

How does this work?

Instead of your traditional classroom at MAT, you will meet with your instructor online, using Zoom, our videoconferencing software. Zoom is quite similar to Skype (or Facetime), but we believe it's a bit more stable and offers a better experience for students and teachers.


Still, especially at their online lesson/class experience, students may sometimes run into some technical issues. Most of these can be resolved very easily. Below are the most frequently heard questions and issues we've encountered.

If the following information does not solve your technical issue, please give us a call right away at (346) 646-5355 so we are able to help you. We will not be able to help with your technical issue after the lesson has ended.


What do I need for my online lesson/class? (Basic requirements)

1. A computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone 

2. A decent internet connection.

When using Wifi: For the best possible online experience, you may want to ask other people in your household who rely on the same WiFi account to pause any streaming activity while you are "in class." This may greatly help preserving bandwidth and avoiding video "buffering."

How do I get to my "classroom"?

 Click on "Zoom Link" next to the current day's lesson in your Student Portal. The link to your Student Portal will be included in your lesson reminder emails on the day of your scheduled lesson.

My video is not working

Try visiting this page, which can help you troubleshoot this problem.

My audio is not working

Try visiting this page, which can help you troubleshoot this problem.

It just says "launching..." what do I do?

If your screen says “Launching…” and you do not enter the meeting room within 60 seconds, you should see text below that says:

"Please click OK if you see the system dialog.

If nothing prompts from browser, download & run Zoom."

Click on “download & run Zoom.” At this point, you can download Zoom. If you are unable to download Zoom,  clicking “download & run Zoom” will also prompt another line of text to appear that says,

"If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser."

Click on “join from your browser.” If you frequently experience this problem and are unable to download Zoom, we recommend entering your classroom by clicking on “Join a Meeting” at the top of the screen, and entering your Meeting ID in the textbox.

  • If you have an invalid Meeting ID, call or email us right away.
  • If you have other technical questions, you may wish to consult the Zoom Troubleshooting Website.

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