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Lily L.

Lily graduated from the Musicology Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music and started studying violin and piano at the age of 8. 

She began teaching piano to children while in college and now specializes in teaching beginner and intermediate piano students. Lily is very experienced teaching young children who are new to piano. She believes that laying a solid foundation early in life is key to a child’s future development. Lily works with parents to develop a teaching plan suitable for their child based on each child's personality and preferences. She strives to inspire passion for music and learning, as well as helping her students increase their mental focus and ability to learn independently.

Piano is a foundational musical instrument. Once students are able to play the piano and learn music theory, sight reading and ear training in their piano lessons, they are able to learn other instruments with greater ease. For students who have the potential and desire to take exams and receive certificates, Lily can also provide professional guidance and to help them achieve their goals.

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Lily L.